Implementation of Networking Infrastructure for FIOW Mart Supermarket


FIOW Mart Supermarket aimed to enhance its technological infrastructure by implementing a comprehensive networking solution across three buildings. This case study outlines the actions taken to establish a robust Wi-Fi and LAN network, surveillance system with network cameras, intercom connectivity, and a public address (PA) system. The successful deployment resulted in improved connectivity, security, and communication capabilities within the supermarket.

Scope of Work

The project’s scope involved the following key areas:

Site Actions Taken

To achieve the project objectives, the following actions were taken on-site:


A total of 13 box cables were used for cabling throughout the buildings, ensuring connectivity for various networking requirements.

Fiber Connectivity

Building-to-building connectivity was established using 100 meters of Fiber cable, enabling seamless communication and data transfer between the different buildings.

Wi-Fi Access Points

Thirteen access points were strategically installed across the three buildings to provide comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage. These access points ensured reliable internet access for customers and staff throughout the supermarket.

LAN Network for Billing Counters

A LAN network was implemented specifically for the billing counters, enabling efficient and secure connectivity for the point of sale (POS) systems and other related devices.

Surveillance System

A total of 54 network cameras were installed throughout the buildings, providing comprehensive surveillance coverage. A suitable network video recorder (NVR) was also deployed to record and manage the camera footage effectively, enhancing security and loss prevention measures.

VLAN Configuration

The switch configuration involved the implementation of four VLANs to segregate and manage network traffic effectively. This configuration allowed for separate networks for different departments, enhancing security and optimizing network performance.

Intercom Connectivity

Intercom connectivity was established across all buildings, allowing seamless communication between different departments and staff members. A total of 28 telephones and an EPBX system were implemented to facilitate smooth internal communication.

PA System

To ensure effective communication and announcements throughout the buildings, a total of 36 speakers and two amplifiers were installed, creating a comprehensive PA system.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of the networking infrastructure at FIOW Mart Supermarket resulted in several positive outcomes, including:


The successful implementation of the networking infrastructure at FIOW Mart Supermarket significantly improved connectivity, security, and communication capabilities within the premises. The robust infrastructure, including Wi-Fi access points, LAN network, surveillance system, intercom connectivity, and PA system, enhanced the overall customer experience, streamlined operations, and provided a safer environment. This case study serves as an example of an industrial standard networking solution for supermarkets, showcasing the importance of a well planned and implemented network infrastructure in the retail sector.