Implementation of Campus-wide Wi-Fi and Networking Infrastructure for PMS Dental College


PMS Dental College aimed to enhance its technological infrastructure by implementing a comprehensive campus wide Wi-Fi and networking solution. This case study outlines the actions taken to establish a robust network infrastructure, including cabling, fiber connectivity, access points, VLAN configuration, firewall implementation, and internet management. The successful deployment resulted in improved connectivity and enhanced user experience for students, staff, and office personnel.

Scope of Work

The project’s scope involved the following key areas:

Site Actions Taken

To achieve the project objectives, the following actions were taken on-site:

Cabling and Conduiting

A total of 5,795 meters of CAT 6 cabling was installed for networking purposes. This involved laying cables and conduits throughout the campus to provide connectivity to various buildings and areas.

Fiber Connectivity

Buildings were connected via fiber cables to ensure high-speed and reliable connectivity. Over 1,000 meters of fiber cables were deployed, enabling seamless communication between different locations within the campus.

Wi-Fi Access Points

More than 100 access points were strategically installed across the campus to ensure comprehensive coverage and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for students and staff. These access points provided seamless internet access in classrooms, libraries, common areas, and other relevant locations.

Internet Management Solution

An internet management solution was implemented to manage more than 1,000 student connections. The solution included AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) authentication, ensuring secure access for authorized users. Additionally, HTTPS logs were maintained to monitor and analyze user activity.

Switching Infrastructure

To support the network connectivity, a combination of layer 2+ switches and layer 2 switches were deployed. Two layer 2+ switches and seven layer 2 switches were installed to facilitate efficient data transmission and manage network traffic effectively.

VLAN Configuration

Three VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) were implemented to segregate and manage the different connectivity requirements. This configuration allowed for separate networks for students, HMS, and office staff, ensuring enhanced security and network performance.

Firewall Implementation

A firewall was deployed to secure the internal network infrastructure. This safeguarded the network against unauthorized access and potential threats, providing an additional layer of protection to sensitive data and systems.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of the campus-wide Wi-Fi and networking infrastructure yielded several positive outcomes, including:


The successful implementation of a campus-wide Wi-Fi and networking solution at PMS Dental College significantly improved the connectivity and network performance for students, staff, and office personnel. The robust infrastructure, comprising cabling, fiber connectivity, access points, VLANs, and firewall, resulted in enhanced productivity, security, and user experience within the college campus. This case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness and importance of a well planned networking solution in educational institutions.