Configuration of Enterprise Network and Wi-Fi Infrastructure for Genpro Research


Genpro Research aimed to establish a secure and efficient networking infrastructure within their organization. This case study outlines the actions taken to configure a firewall with enterprise login, set up a separate guest network, implement Windows Active Directory (AD) for user management, configure a Layer 2 (L2) switch with multiple VLANs, and deploy Ubiquity access points. The successful implementation resulted in enhanced network security, improved user management, and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for staff and guests.

Scope of Work

The project’s scope involved the following key areas:

Actions Taken
Firewall Configuration

A WatchGuard firewall was configured to provide robust network security. The firewall was set up with an enterprise login system, ensuring secure access for staff members. This login system required authentication before accessing the network resources, protecting sensitive data and systems.

Separate Guest Network

A separate guest network was established to provide internet access to visitors while keeping them isolated from the internal network. This configuration allowed guests to connect to Wi-Fi without compromising the security of the organization’s internal systems and data.

Windows Active Directory (AD) Configuration

Windows Active Directory was implemented for centralized user management. User accounts, permissions, and access control were managed through AD, ensuring streamlined user management and enhanced security. This configuration facilitated user authentication and authorization across the network.

Configuration of Layer 2 Switch with Multiple VLANs

A Layer 2 switch was configured to support multiple VLANs, providing network segmentation and improving network performance. VLANs were created to separate different departments or user groups, enabling efficient traffic management and enhancing network security.

Deployment of Ubiquity Access Points

Ubiquity access points were deployed throughout the organization to provide reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. These access points ensured seamless wireless connectivity for staff members, allowing them to access network resources and applications from various locations within the organization.

Results and Benefits

The configuration of the enterprise network and Wi-Fi infrastructure at Genpro Research yielded several positive outcomes, including:


The successful configuration of the enterprise network and Wi-Fi infrastructure at Genpro Research resulted in enhanced network security, streamlined user management, and reliable wireless connectivity. The deployment of a firewall with enterprise login, a separate guest network, Windows Active Directory, VLANs on the Layer 2 switch, and Ubiquity access points contributed to the organization’s overall network efficiency and security. This case study serves as an example of an industrial-standard network and Wi-Fi enterprise configuration, highlighting the importance of a well-designed and implemented network infrastructure for organizations seeking reliable and secure connectivity.