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We provide a plethora of services in the fields of cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, software development, energy solution, and IoT & robotics.

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By the virtue of quality service, diligence, steady innovation, and industry-leading technologies we are committed to providing enhanced cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, software development, energy solution, and IoT & robotics..

Energy Solutions

We provide complete energy solutions from Renewable energy Solutions, Static Transfer Switches, Active Harmonic Filter, and Uninterrupted Power Systems

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IoT & Robotics

We provide solutions in the field of IoT and advance robotics that includes IoT, AI & machine learning, AR & VR, and Industrial automation.

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We Provide High-level cybersecurity services and expertise for your business software, network, and servers.

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Cloud Infrastructure

We provide complete cloud solutions, equipping you with a fully functional and secure cloud environment for your business.

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IT Infrastructure

We deliver Premium level IT infrastructure service catering to every functionality required for your business.

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Software Development

We Provide Software development Services for Enterprises, Web, Mobile, cloud, cross-platform, and system applications.

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Right Protection, Right Time

CyberSecurity plays an important part in our business administration constituting a major part in securing our data and protecting it from malicious attacks. Our solution's key focus is the protection of your data and systems from any attacks & hacks.

Security Regulation's Compliance

Consultation, Implementation, and Regular checkup of the client organizations for PCI DSS, ISO 27001 Standards, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance


Application Security

Finding, fixing, and enhancing the Security issues in the apps to make them more secure.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Providing Regular VAPT to Client Systems, Software's, Networks, Servers, and Cloud.

Cyber Engineering

Implementing a Groundup solution, Factoring every key component Important for providing optimal security.

Cybersecurity Risk management

Providing Complete Cyber Security Audit over the IT infrastructure and Identifying & resolving risk factors

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IT Infrastructure

Pioneers in Technical Solutions

Amyntor Tech Solutions provide a wide plethora of technical expertise. In the fields of Hardware, Networking, Storage, Servers, Surveillance, and Acoustics. Our solutions stand true to the value of Quality and Performance like no other. Our goal is to provide the most felicitous solution for you.


Hardware specifications are tightly maintained to provide the best in class performance. Covering the high-grade server system configuration, designing, and maintenance. 

Storage & Computation

Keeping your data secure and safe is our priority. Thus equipping you with high-performance storage solutions for your every needs. Our Solutions are equipped with high-performance hardware to provide high Latency and Reduce Redundancy of data.


State of the art networking solutions for every specification. Providing services such as Structured Cable & Fiber Optic Networking, LAN, WAN, Routing, Switching & VPN Connectivity, ISP Services & Leased Line Connectivity, Wireless Networking, Hotspot Captive Portal & Billing Solutions, Client-Server Networking, and virtual Server & cloud.


Our acoustic solution covers every aspect of your board room meeting to home theater systems, providing a wide range of Audio solutions.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Your Cloud, Your Rule

Cloud technology has become a new forefront of technology, allowing businesses and individuals to access computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management. Our in-house team of expert cloud architects would ease your burden by building, implementing, maintaining, and keeping it secure, so your business runs smoothly.

Cloud Implementation

Estimating the Specifications for implementation for your system over Cloud, Setting up all the constraints, and establishing system over the cloud.


Cloud Management

Cloud requires constant Monitoring, Optimization, and Maintenance for smooth performance and uninterrupted user experience.


Cloud Infrastructure Design

Buiding up ground-up architecture best suited for your need tailored to handle the workload with all the failsafe measures required for the smooth implementation of your system.


Cloud Security

Evaluating your cloud, providing security Check-ups and Securing against SQL injection, Password breach, Data breach, Code injection, and more


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Software Development

Software Of Your Thoughts

Our Expert developer team is proficient in Providing Excellent solutions for all your software necessities. Equipped with solutions in every new and upcoming platform, providing a state of the art solutions to you.

App Development

Our Software Development covers every important platform and all Providing you with Android, iOS, Windows, and even Platform-Independent Solutions fulfilling all that you might need.


Every Software needs good Deployment Solutions to make sure the experience doesn't waver. Our Deployment Solutions include Simple web hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Based App deployment, and Much more.

Web Development

Our Web Development is completely focused on providing Simple Websites, eCommerce websites, Content Management Systems, Blogging, and High-Functionality Web Applications.

Digital Marketing

Every business needs to have its digital foot-print allowing the follow-in of customers making it grow. Our Marketing experts cover every aspect of your digital presence and tailor strategies to boost your business.

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Energy Solutions

We Bring The Sun To The Earth.

We are an EPIC SMART Solar solution provider including, consultancy, setting up of Solar Power Plants and also undertaking works from concept to commissioning and after service maintenance. We have in house experienced team, capable of identification of new sites by analysis of solar potentials and assessing of adequate evacuation facility which can handle uninterrupted power transmissions from the solar & wind farms.

Renewable energy Solutions

Our Renewable Energy Solutions include High-Grade Energy Production Solutions Providing maximum throughput from passive resources. Our solutions include Solar Power Plant, Solar Street Lights, Solar Lanterns, Wind Farms,  and High capacity Energy Storage Batteries including Li-Ion Power Packs, Powerwall, and traditional battery packs.


Active Harmonic Filter

State-of-the-Art active filter that dynamically cleans up Harmonics and improves Power Factor, for all Types of electrical installations. 


Uninterrupted Power Systems

Range: 600VA to 4800 KVA; Applications: Datacenters, Server rooms, Telecommunications, Industrial Process & Motion Automation, Banking, Insurance & Financial Services, Info Com, Wi-Fi Hot Spots, Medical Imaging Equipment, Satellite Up linking & earth stations, Fire alarm systems, Security systems.


Static Transfer Switches

STS is a solid-state, three-pole, dual-position transfer switch designed to automatically and manually switch between two synchronized three-phase AC power sources.

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IoT & Robotics

Connect With Technology

Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering leaving its footprint in every field of technology. Our Robotics Solutions Overlay many fields Including IoT Solutions, Home Automation, AI Solutions, Industrial Automation solution, Control systems, AR and VR Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our IoT Solutions Covers Home Automation Solution railed into Robot Assistance, Automated Lights & Essential control, personnel recognition & Access Control, Automated Cleaning Robot, Mobile Control, Speech Control Systems, Security Systems, And Much more.


Industrial Automation

We provide Industrial Automation solutions Providing Control systems to increase the Production & Manufacturing speed, Automated Manufacturing Machines, Assembly robots, Manufacturing Robots, Automated Service Robots, and Custom Solutions.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

AI-Based Solutions are now playing a major role in the market providing a greater level of performance and ease in control. Our AI Solutions Include AI Cloud Solutions, AI-Based system tools, AI software integration, And AI-Based API Integrations.


Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Our AR & VR Solutions Include Solutions for gaming like Oculus, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR & Nintendo Labo VR, Solutions For Hospitals and Research centers, Schools & Colleges, Industries and Cooperations for Virtual & augmented reality experience in their workforce.